Anonymous sent: Oh gosh I just sent an application and I feel like the in character sample probably wasn't what you were looking for. Probably should have asked before-hand, but did you want us to basically introduce ourselves as that character? Because I totally didn't do that @.@

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Well while your writing is FANTASSSTICCC, i’m not sure you understood, hun. Our characters here do not live in quite the same universe as the movies. They’re modernized, to a point. So Elsa, for example, isn’t a Queen of a Norwegian town, she’s just a young adult with a mysterious power, a “Mutant.”

If you’d like to rewrite an app with that info, go ahead! Also note that 3rd person is what we prefer for apps, so you’ve got that on the nose! 

Anna Arendelle || OPEN

19|Can Edit Memories| Karen Gillan


Anna has always been the happy, spunky one. Quite a contrast to her older sister Elsa. Since she was young, Anna was always looking for adventure, fun, and even romance. Curious and full of energy, she was somewhat of a handful for her older sister to take care of. Anna wanted to get out and see the world, but Elsa wouldn’t let her, terrified that a human might hurt her because she was different. But Anna didn’t care; she was willing to take that chance if it meant meeting a few friends along the way. She was ecstatic to discover she and her sister were coming to the academy. For the first time in forever, she was going to get to meet people, and Anna was determined, and was not going to let anything stop her.



Elsa Arendelle || OPEN

22|Ice/Snow manipulation| Candice Accola


Always terrified of hurting someone with her power, Elsa never had much interaction with others, not even with her little sister Anna. Because their parents died when they were both young, Elsa was forced to grow up fast to care for her younger sister. Nowadays she’s a matured, sensible young lady who may even be described as cold at times. Elsa is extremely protective of both herself and her little sister, fearing that they may be ridiculed or even killed by humans because of their mutations. Although she seems cold and thrives in isolation, Elsa is truly a loving person, and loves dearly those that she is close with.


Strongly Pro-mutant

Anonymous sent: How active have you guys been lately? I'm thinking about putting in a bio request. :3

We’re normally pretty active, and although we don’t have many RPers, they’re usually on a lot. However, to be honest, we’ve been pretty quiet for about a week. A new character will likely liven things up, though! 
What’s your request, hon?


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Ramona “Roo” MacRopus || OPEN

10 | Superhuman Jumping Ability | Mia Hays


Ramona MacRopus, or Roo as she likes to call herself, is quite the sweetie. Young, innocent and naïve, she charms anyone she meets. Roo grew up not caring much about her ability; in fact, she thought it was pretty cool, and even more so since one of her mother’s friends, Tyler Clavatus or “Tigger,” had a similar ability. Roo looked up to Tigger, he was like a big brother figure to her, or maybe more like the father she never had. When Roo was still very young, she began receiving nasty nicknames from other, human kids her age, and the torment didn’t end. Although she was proud of her ability, this crushed her, and sealed the deal, “the deal” being shipping Roo off to Disney Academy. Regardless of her mild childhood torment, she still tends to be a sweet, generally naïve little girl. Even so, Roo can be quite mischievous from time to time, and doesn’t hesitate to go out and try to find herself an adventure.


Neutral, can be swayed fairly easy

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Attention all RPers, both Disney and supernatrual-esque alike! This RP has begun to die, and we desperately need characters. Mainly males since there happen to be a lot of females, but females will still be accepted. We have both OCs and set characters, so come check out the plot and rules, and submit an app! Any questions? Shoot away! We even have an FAQ

Just gonna reblog this since we seriously need new peeps since there are only four people right now. Male characters would be appreciated, but we’ll still accept females! We accept OCs. just repeating all this because really help we need people

Sebastian Lloyd

50|Teleportation| Samuel L Jackson


Sebastian Lloyd is somewhat of a worrywart, and is often concerned of the consequences of messing up whatever it is he is doing. Often it’s running errands for Ariel’s father, whom he is extremely loyal to. Since Ariel’s personality is a little on the rebellious side, her father often sends Sebastian to, for lack of a better word, “spy” on her. That’s where Sebastian’s mutation comes in handy. He can quickly teleport from place to place, so he can follow Ariel without her ever knowing he was there. That’s not to say that Sebastian doesn’t have a fun, carefree side to him. If he has one weakness, it’s music. Pop in a CD, crank it up and you’ve got a side of Sebastian that’s almost as if he were a different person. His musical persona aside, Sebastian’s generally a strict rule follower and loyal friend.