Mulan Fa || 22 || CLOSED


Jamie Chung


Mulan grew up in a very traditional Chinese home, with her father at the head of the house hold. When China went to war, and her elderly father was the only man in the home to call upon to fight for China, she used her ability to infiltrate the military, pretending to be a man. Right before the war ended, though, her ability went haywire and she could no longer pretend. The military completely exiled her from China, never allowing her to return for fooling them. She is a headstrong woman who never gives up, though, and is determined to worm her way back into China, if only to see her much beloved mother, father, and grandmother. Her sense of adventure is almost as strong as her hard-headedness; she often will set out to do something beyond what most would think possible for a woman like her, and her over-protective cousin Mushu will follow her to make sure nothing happens. She is courageous and sweet, a caring woman by nature, who isn’t about to let a mere obstacle in her path stop her from what she sets her mind to.


She can change herself into any one, be it a fat man, a thin woman, James Franco… Anyone of any shape, size, ethnicity, and with any features.


She is neutral, but she seems to lean more anti-human sometimes, not trusting them, as they tried to kill her in a pointless war that would have been her fathers, had she not intervened, and are currently keeping her from seeing her family.